TruckSuvidha – Fulfilling all your transport needs

TruckSuvidha – Fulfilling all your transport needs

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With almost all businesses going online there is a certain requirement for the logistics industry. The customer had to face a lot of difficulties while transporting materials from one city to another. The entire process is being handled manually with the customer going from transporter to transporter to look for the best possible option available. Also the choice was limited to the capacity of the customer to work. The service providers had to wait for customers all day long to get some work.

The solution to this problem lies in a new venture namely is an emerging company whose main aim is to link logistics with E-commerce and they are moving forward with their aim. This site is for the needs of the transport industry.

How it started

Amit Punaini is a businessman by profession who is always passionate about new ventures. His vision to make the use of technology to uplift the society led to this venture. With an aim to organize the unorganized sector he believes that change is for the good and we should adapt to it. Ishu Bansal is a software engineer by profession who has a vision. A vision to own a startup that make a difference. As it is said like minds think alike, he with his technology and Amit with his resources and set on a path to bring about some change for the greater good of the society. Both come from good industry background but they felt that it was not their calling. One fine day, both were discussing the problems faced by truck drivers and decided to solve it by organizing things using web technologies. This is when TruckSuvidha came into being.

With this project they were targeting the logistics industry. Trucks was center behind the entire idea. This industry faces a huge gap and truckers are the people who face a difficult time most of all.

“One evening over a cup of tea my friend suggested that this is a Suvidha for the transport industry (Suvidha in Hindi meaning facility or help), so why not name it TruckSuvidha, as we felt this would particularly help truckers.” – mentions Amit when asked about the name of startup.

Market and Vision

After 9’o clock when you travel on national highways, you see a lot of trucks. Now add those to the ones going all across India. This is the actual size of the market that TruckSuvidha is targeting. The future would be you get to sit home and book a truck as per your choice to move stuff for moving a household.

I want to bring the entire transport industry online.

TruckSuvidha comes with a unique concept in the domain, ease of use and the a lot of information. This is a unique concept combined with a lot of field work and a host of people ready to be a part of it. Under current marketing strategy, they are working on facebook and twitter communities. Recently they have joined hands with Pranbandhan, an annual fest of IIT Kanpur. “As of now we are still in the implementation stage, once we launch the site we will identify the competitors and work accordingly.” – says Amit when asked about the competition in the sector.

As of now, the company is self-funded by the two partners. They are open to sponsors and franchise option as of now.

Revenues and Marketing

The revenues and margins are good for the logistics industry. Truck Suvidha would be earning through advertisements, packages etc. As of now breakeven would take at least 2-3 years. With over 22000 likes on their facebook page and over 5000 twitter followers, they are looking to engage people over internet and make them aware of the facilities available on the portal. Also, they have just booked a stall at IITF for 2014 to be put up at Tech Mart introducing this concept of logistics industry online.

Challenges and Road Ahead

When asked about the challenges int he journey, they sum it up as:

“I won’t say it has been an easy journey. The thought of a startup crossed my mind a thousand times but it took almost 2 years, convincing my distant brother to be a part of this, a resignation, lot of field work which sometimes led to frustration in the end, effort, time, and money. Also, a visit to the Azadpur Mandi and interacting with the people who actually are in this industry led us to believe that we are on the right path. We can bring about a change to their lives. At that moment it was an eye opener. I guess this sums it up in a brief way.”

For the aspiring entrepreneurs, their message is to believe in themselves, as its never too late to start.


Shristi is a management student from MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Banglore. Ambivert, passionate and with a knack for story telling, she is a stubborn follower of success.