JobsIIT – Disrupting Online Job Marketplace for Engineers/Techies

JobsIIT – Disrupting Online Job Marketplace for Engineers/Techies

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When it comes to hiring talent, finding the right guy for a position is always a challenge. Same problem is being faced by job seekers when they try to find nice jobs that would satisfy their passion as well as justify their efforts. is an attempt to find the right balance by bringing together passionate engineers and recruiters willing to provide them with suitable high-caliber jobs.

How it started

“Back in 2011, a very close friend of mine who had lost his job suddenly was applying to every job opening through every possible walk-in interview, every reference he could get and few online portals available to his disposal. However, he could not find any luck and the most disappointing part was the fact that he could not know the status of his job search. Most of the times he would not know if any openings were there, then after submitting the resumes he would wait and wait… and in the interviews that he personally had, he would not even get to hear back from the recruiter at all. It was my friend’s disappointment that led to the idea of” – says Ankit Khandelwal, the co-founder of Launched back in late 2013, with its tagline “premium jobs for passionate engineers”, the portal plans to disrupt the entire recruitment process through technology by tracking and informing the candidates and recruiter of every steps in the process right from application viewing, shortlist to selection.

Right now working with 1,000+ recruiters, on one hand it aspires to be the largest premium job marketplace for a vast tech pool of experienced/fresher job seekers, on the other, it aims to be a one stop sourcing platform for established companies looking for top-notch tech talent. Simultaneously it plans to be an end-to-end outsourced recruitment solution for start-ups which can’t afford to have their in-house staffing/sourcing team. – the name signifies two aspects, firstly a strong focus on jobs for engineering talent and secondly an emphasis on bringing high quality talent to recruiters. Although, the company started with and has a strong foot-hold in connecting recruiters with tech talent from premier Indian engineering institutes like IITs/NITs/IIITs/BITs etc, it has now opened itself to all the engineering graduates and technology professionals. They decided by considering the immense talent pooling outside such top engineering colleges and plethora of requests and consistent demand from the job seekers to provide an equal opportunity playground. And while doing this, they continued to maintain their focus on quality to address the problem of recruiters in finding suitable candidates.

Challenges and road ahead

These are exciting times for the online staffing and recruitment market and, going forward, we see a strong surge in the demand for tech talent – Pooja Kodwani, Head (Business Development & Staffing)

Hundreds of start-ups are sprouting every week and so is the demand for tech talent. Unfortunately, traditional players have not been successfully able to connect recruiters with a vast pool of technical talent available. This has resulted in recruiters wasting hours calling up candidates who are not even interested or browsing through irrelevant resumes. On the other hand what they must be spending their time on is interviewing only interested candidates with relevant skill-set. This is exactly the gap that is trying to fulfill. They want to be the biggest player in the next 2 years in the technology and engineering job market.
“We see a strong surge in the demand for tech talent” – says Pooja Kodwani.

Currently they are working with most of the top-notch companies in the tech/non-tech domain looking for engineering/tech talent such as Adobe, Amazon, ZS Associates, Mu Sigma, Flipkart, FICO, Grabhouse and many others. One of the globally most reputed companies has repeated the hiring through them three times within the first month of connecting with them. It itself speaks of the quality they are delivering.
They are right now just breaking even and are rapidly growing. They will definitely like to explore partnerships with like-minded financial and strategic players to maintain this growth momentum and enhance their technology offering, and take their firm to the next stage of growth.

Words for Aspiring entrepreneurs

The team at has the following message for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Don’t worry about the things that could go wrong. In a new business there are so many things that could go wrong that it is easy to focus on them. Instead, focus on what you are doing right, and the problems you have will get resolved.

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once


Shristi is a management student from MS Ramaiah Institute of Management, Banglore. Ambivert, passionate and with a knack for story telling, she is a stubborn follower of success.