Dropkaffe – Delicious Drinks, Awesome Snacks

Dropkaffe – Delicious Drinks, Awesome Snacks

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Who doesn’t loves a good cup of coffee? But how accessible is it on daily basis? Not much really. This is what was bugging the founders of dropkaffe and they went ahead to do something about this. The founders Chaitanya, Rakshit and Lakshmi are passionate coffee drinkers and have worked and lived for over a decade in the U.S working in various roles (corporate CXO, investment banking, management consulting).

They moved back to India to start an online education company, SmartOn Learning, based in Bangalore & New York, which is recognized as one of the best edtech start-ups globally and part of the prestigious TechStars Accelerator program in 2014. This is their second start-up together. What unites them in this venture is their common love for coffee, passion to solve simple but real problems and experience in building & scaling startups. 

The Story
DropKaffe was the result of solving their own issue with coffee. Being coffee lovers and big time consumers, a much needed coffee at work was always challenging. The problem got accentuated specially when they wanted coffee for takeaway. It was always a tough choice to decide between the decision to carry a cup of coffee back to desk that would burn the hand/spill over or to stand on the street-side and gulp it as if it was their last cup of coffee, ever. They even tried hiring a runner who fetched their coffees but quickly realized that it was neither economical nor sustainable. All in all, frustrations grew and intent to resolve their coffee troubles became firmer. They started researching for solutions and realized nobody delivers coffee – not Bangalore, not anywhere in the world!

So, they started digging deeper. In a day & age where e-commerce has a solution from anything and everything starting from food to your dirty laundry it was almost baffling that nothing existed for coffee, which is the 2nd most consumed beverage after water.

Our mission is to bring the experience of coffee in the most convenient way possible – suited to your taste and delivered to your doorstep

Discussions with hundreds of coffee goers confirmed that the coffee vending machines at office were not the solution for a good cup of coffee either. They got convinced that there is a great unmet need that can be solved. That’s when DropKaffe was born!

They wanted a name that was catchy, memorable and speak clearly of what they are. As they deliver/drop the products to you and they are serving coffee as well as other cafe style food, the name DropKaffe was derived.


Current Standing
When asked about the current industry status, the founders informed us that the total dining out market is projected to be $78 billion by 2018. The QSR and Café market which they fall under is projected to be at $12.5 billion.

Our vision is to be the market leader in the online coffee delivery market.

Provided that they are the only only coffee and beverage delivery service in India, it looks like they are moving very well towards their vision. The company is currently bootstrapped. As per the founders, they want to create a coffee cult in India. All their online and offline marketing efforts are channelized in that direction.

Although DropKaffe offering sounds simple, a lot has to be done to get it right and delight the customers. They are investing in every aspect of the customer experience beginning with where they source tbe coffee (they have both domestic as well as international coffee varieties), how they make the coffee (they brew their own coffee with the help of experts) and the process of delivering it. Getting a great tasting hot cuppa delivered on time – consistently day after day is the trick. In their own words:

“We are obsessed about our customer delight. Enjoying a good cup of coffee suited to your taste at your convenience on the go is one of the simple pleasures of life. We want to deliver that and will go to whatever extent that’s needed. For example, we realized that you don’t get the typical coffee stoppers / stirrers in India. Even Starbucks imports them from China. We didn’t want to start our service till we have that figured out; so we imported them from the U.S. till the time we find a partner who could custom manufacture of these for us locally. We believe, DropKaffe is much more than just coffee!”

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dropkaffe
Twitter: @dropkaffe
Website: www.dropkaffe.com
Number: +91 8197392392, +91 8197287287
email: brew@dropkaffe.com

A software engineer by profession and a problem solver by passion, Vivek Dwivedi is a human being on top priority. He works for Tyto Software on the development of web automation tool, Sahi Pro. Sometimes, he talks in third person for no apparent reason.