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BANGKOK, THAILAND - DEC 2 : Canon booth showing their new technology and sell their product in special price at Photo Fair DEC 20, 2012 in Bitec Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand.

Shatomita Sudippto Ghosh, a rank holder in MBA from University of Kolkata, believes that being an entrepreneur is not a job but it’s a way of life. With a dream of owning a venture, she idealized of bridging the gap between the event organizers and the enterprises that are willing to sponsor events. So she started with Sponsor Source. The Sponsor Source was launched in Feb 2014 and till it has stepped many steps of success.
She also served her service as a volunteer at Headstart Foundation, which has been working for 7 years in building and nurturing the startup ecosystem of the country. She is part of its recently launched ‘Women Entrepreneur’ [WE] initiative, where they understand the challenges faced by the women entrepreneurs and addresses them through Headstart Network.

What is Sponsor Source?

Sponsor source is on a mission to make the unorganized domain of event sponsorship, a transparent and data driven one by creating a platform. This tool is for the marketers of large enterprises and SMBs to help and quicken their decision regarding their event participation. Being on the transition phase, Sponsor Source trying to improve themselves. The MarkeXchange idea came in as she progressed. Markexchange is purely a social initiative supported by SponsorSource.

MarkeXchange is an educational platform, a platform for marketers, a social initiative where the marketers can exchange views and experiences on marketing trends and realities learn from each other and become better informed in the process. This is where the real issues faced by the marketers come to the fore. Well known marketing strategists, senior professionals and thought leaders from India and abroad, are the speakers in the Markexchange Forum, sharing their knowledge and insights on marketing.

How it works?
At Sponsor Source they help event enthusiasts to market and get sponsorships for the events. They connect with the targeted brands, corporate and industry segment and secure the most appropriate sponsorship, on behalf of the events.

  • Sponsor Source shortlists and creates option. Event organizer gets benefits from ready to use resources.
  • Sponsor Source deploys resources required for marketing, spreading word for sponsorships.
  • Service comes FREE optionally, you may choose monthly subscription plan for assured benefits.

Idea and beginning

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Any success in life must always begin with a vision. Shatomita always dreamt of owning a venture. The idea of Sponsor Source was in her thought which, according to her, was making a good business sense. Leaving the well salaried job, overnight, and working on the venture, was her sole decision. After the name was decided, Shatomita launched her company in Feb 2014. Since then, she never looked back and stepped the ladder of success. Their team members are increasing and they are concentrating and working to build a product.

Barriers to women entrepreneurship
What a man can do, a woman can do better, there are women who have risen above their circumstance and taken the entrepreneurial bull by the horn. These business-savvy ladies inspire other women with dreams of founding startups, but many female business owners still face significant obstacles because of their gender. Data shows that in India only 10% of all the entrepreneurs are the entrepreneurs who are women. Shatomita says, “Women do face many social challenges and perception related issues; once addressed, they can participate in large numbers to boost the percentage.” In the era of 21st century, when there is no difference in male and female, there still exists a difference in reality. Women have to fight with the odds at home, within family as well along with at the company, her workplace. One can’t escape from the basic responsibilities and duties of their personal life. Instead, they have to handle double. In this fight, women need a supportive partner and family. Today, a serious women entrepreneur needs to be bold, brave and presentable to make other, feel their existence.

Aggression, thinking big, risk taking appetite and execution in real life are the new buzzwords for the serious new age women entrepreneurs of today.

Owning success is not impossible but not easy too. For a women to come out of her comfort zone and working as an independent entrepreneur, raises many if and buts. When Shatomita decided to choose her own path to walk, the frictions raised from her family. As it’s a bootstrapped venture, finance is a major issue. Low revenue brought toughness in starting which disallowed her to invest in good resource and hence depending on fresher’s & interns and they were highly volatile.
Customer acquisition was another challenge. They are operating with zero marketing budgets. Sponsorship marketing to the enterprises is a service where there’s cent percent human engagement and intervention is involved. Hence, through their personalized services, they also help event organizers to connect with the interested enterprises that are willing to sponsor the event.
It is difficult to get the people who believe in your idea, your dream and make their own. Building up the core trustworthy team is a challenge for her. The situation of a start up is totally different than a traditional business idea. One needs to be patient and avoid being panic on low returns. Shatomita is rebuilding her core team.
Above all the difficulties, she also thanks for the good people who helped her in her initiative. People learn from their mistake and so she learned to be optimistic and confident, no matter what the situation is.

When you make your dream alive with a great start, is the greatest achievement of an entrepreneur. However, seeing Hannover Milano Fairs India Pvt Ltd. in the client list is a good thing. There are client testimonials explaining how SponsorSource and MarkeXchange have helped them, these have added value and how they are useful to them. Personally, she feels happy when her six year old son tells her that he wants to be an entrepreneur.

Shatomita belives that Focus towards your work is very important to enjoy the taste of success as it is very easy to get off your focus in this luxurious world.

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