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A software engineer by profession and a problem solver by passion, Vivek Dwivedi is a human being on top priority. He works for Tyto Software on the development of web automation tool, Sahi Pro. Sometimes, he talks in third person for no apparent reason.

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Truck Suvidha Logo

TruckSuvidha, startup in trucking and transportation space announced as the winner of Hot100 technology Award organized by CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence). CORE felicitated innovative & best startups in India in consumer internet, B2B and SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) during a ceremony held at Mumbai, Maharashtra on December 15, 2015.

The Hot100 awards provides a great showcase for start-ups in the tech sector and a great networking opportunity, with an expected attendance of over 200+ delegates – mainly tech entrepreneurs, CIOs and CTOs of enterprise companies – both angel investors and VCs, plus tech consultants and commentators.

Hot100 Technology Awards program uniquely recognizes outstanding start-up achievements by Indian entrepreneurs. All the startups who were nominated invited votes which was added in the final jury marks. This jury selected the award winners based on structured metrics based evaluation process.

TruckSuvidha, Haryana based startup were selected as a winner of Hot100 technology awards from a pool of hundreds of best startups in India by the eminent Jury. Mr. Navneet showcases TruckSuvidha and attended the award ceremony on the behalf of TruckSuvidha. The BSE chief Mr. Ashish Chauhan honoured TruckSuvidha by giving the shield. Selection is made based democratic online voting basis their technological innovation, team strength, opportunity size, and product value proposition.

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TruckSuvidha Startup Story

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Tyto Software, creators of Sahi OS and Sahi Pro, announced launch of Sahi Pro 6.1.0, the user friendly functional test automation tool in the market. Sahi Pro is used by more than 400 enterprise customers around the world.

Sahi Pro 6.1.0 adds enhancements to its core engine with support for HTML5 technologies like shadowDOM, custom HTML tags and WebSocket support, allowing testing of applications built from modern web frameworks.

Sahi Pro 6.1.0 improves productivity of the automation specialist, with enhancements in the Sahi Script Editor. Error detection, Function Discovery, Debugging, Find Usage, Find and Replace are some of the productivity enhancing features that have been added. Sahi Pro 6.1.0 provides productivity enhancements for the automation manager.

Periodic emails during suite runs keep the manager updated about progress. Reports can now be auto-synced to a central database for monitoring of all automation runs. Sahi Pro now supports Oracle as the reports database apart from the already supported H2, MySQL and MSSQL databases. Distributed playback support has also been improved for stability and performance, allowing users to automatically distribute a large suite of tests across multiple machines and get a single collated report.

“HTML5 support in browsers is stabilizing and more and more frameworks have started using these features. Sahi Pro 6.1.0 is well primed to handle complexities in these new web technologies as well as manage the high demands of DevOps while still maintaining simplicity in automation scripting,” said V. Narayan Raman, Founder and CEO of Tyto Software.

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We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly – Anna Thomas

The way we consume food has changed entirely and this has increased ‘ordering in’ food from various restaurants and apps. Ordering food comes with its own set of questions like, what to eat? Where to order it from? Will it be healthy? Will it be tasty and inexpensive? Eatlo was started to solve exactly this problem and wants to become the one-stop solution to all these important questions. The menu is new each day to avoid boredom around having the same food day in and day out. The food is home-cooked by pro chefs and therefore, is both delicious and healthy. Prices are reasonable and won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Eatlo was launched in Bangalore with lunch deliveries on Dec 15th 2014 and within this short time period, they’ve acquired an impressive customer base, serve about 1200 orders daily, have started serving evening snacks and drinks. The team, that is about 50 member strong team, 120 including delivery boys, is growing very fast and has helped expand their service to many locations across Bangalore, including Koramangala, Sarjapur, HSR Layout, Domlur, Bellandur, Indiranagar, Bomanahalli, and Venkatapura.

Delivery Team
Delivery Team

Eatlo closed their second round of funding around 3 months back from Zishaan Hayath of Powai Lake Ventures, Abhishek Goyal of Tracxn Labs (backed by Sachin Bansal and Sahil Barua) and are now using the money to invest in technology and scale their operations across Bangalore. The investment means overnight expansions in all aspects, they are about to launch in MG Road, Vasanth Nagar, ITPL, Jayanagar and hiring across teams for a lot of job profiles. Previous (angel) investors include Deap Ubhi (founder of Burrp, early investor in Tiny Owl & Housing), Abhishek Goyal (founder of Tracxn, angel investor in Dehlivery) and others. The whole point is to make ‘ordering in’ food hassle-free, easy, quick and reasonable. Eatlo does not want to become a once-in-a-week alternate for ordering in for people, instead, want them to happily order daily from them. They have around 5-6 veg and non-veg options across homely, healthy and interesting categories everyday and the pricing is simple and reasonable to ensure that the user thinks only about the food rather than worrying about comparing prices.

Eatlo already has lots of users using their Android app and they’ve also launched their iOS app recently, which is quickly gaining popularity among users. When asked about how they work, Sai Priya, co-founder said, “We aim to place food on your table just by a click. The way we work is very simple and efficient; we handpick food from various chefs and dispatch it from various centers. All the customer has to do is choose the location, place an order in 2 clicks and enjoy great food in just 20 minutes.”


“Although, we’ve tied up with professional chefs, each dish is pre-sampled and sampled again on the day of it being served. We take taste, health and hygiene seriously and each dish is served only after it meets our quality standards. We want to become a one-stop solution for all your food woes.” says Rahul Harkisanka, co-founder. They are going to get a centralized kitchen where the food will be prepared and dispatched to distribution centers in different areas which will ensure cost-effective efficient delivery. Eatlo was founded by two people who are true foodies and wanted to bring technology and food together to revolutionize the way we order food. Another interesting thing is that they use Data Science to avoid wastage of any kind and routing technology to make their service super efficient and lightening fast. A lot of care is undertaken to predict food preferences, what dish works out for whom, etc. They also plan the menu for a week extensively so that they don’t repeat any dish for a long time. Now, that’s caring for customer satisfaction! They have already started the process of patenting this technology.

When questioned about how they would handle the expansion Sai Priya, says, “Even with all the expansion across, meals, menu, locations and getting our own centralized kitchen, we will never compromise on the quality of food, ingredients, service and everything else. Also, we will never cut corners as we can avoid wastage by using technology.” On being asked about how they compare with other players, Rahul says, “We are working towards making Eatlo the only brand when it comes to great food; we have a variety of menu which changes each day. We use the best of the ingredients and our chefs cook with care. Unlike restaurants, you won’t see a layer of oil floating over our gravies. For vegetarians, our menu is not restricted to Paneer, Rajma and Chhole, we serve a whole variety of dishes, like Aloo Methi, Gobi Matar and even those like Karela, Tinda, etc. We serve some specialties that are authentic in flavours like Litti Choka, Gatte ki sabzi, Gongura Chicken, Vangi bhaat, Tamarind rice etc. We do not repeat our dishes soon so our customers don’t get bored with the same kind of food. Our food is prepared by chefs and not ordered from caterers or a restaurant, which makes our customers experience a fine dining of tasty food without feeling guilty.”

The Founders

Rahul Harkisanka
Rahul hails from Jaipur and is an IITB 2006 graduate. After graduation he worked at Procter and Gamble (PnG) for 2 yrs where he helped set up their Factory at Baddi. He has MBA from IIMA batch 2008-2010 and was heading Operations & HR at & as VP, Ops. He also had a brief stint at the consulting firm A.T. Kearney but quit to pursue his entrepreneurial passions. Prior to founding Eatlo, he headed Strategy and Product at Setting and scaling up Operations via Technology is one of his core strengths.

Eatlo Founders
Eatlo Founders – Rahul and Sai Priya

Sai Priya Mahajan
Sai, originally from Chandigarh, is an IIT Bombay 2011 graduate (Dual Degree Elec engineering) and has worked at 2 technology startups (, mygola) earlier. Sai joined Urbantouch early on and worked across the Category and Operations department. She helped scale the startup from 10 to 250 employees before it was acquired in 2012 by At mygola she worked across the Analytics and Product functions. She also paints professionally and put up an exhibition of her watercolor paintings last year.

Customer Love

Hungry? Order awesome food at

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Who doesn’t loves a good cup of coffee? But how accessible is it on daily basis? Not much really. This is what was bugging the founders of dropkaffe and they went ahead to do something about this. The founders Chaitanya, Rakshit and Lakshmi are passionate coffee drinkers and have worked and lived for over a decade in the U.S working in various roles (corporate CXO, investment banking, management consulting).

They moved back to India to start an online education company, SmartOn Learning, based in Bangalore & New York, which is recognized as one of the best edtech start-ups globally and part of the prestigious TechStars Accelerator program in 2014. This is their second start-up together. What unites them in this venture is their common love for coffee, passion to solve simple but real problems and experience in building & scaling startups. 

The Story
DropKaffe was the result of solving their own issue with coffee. Being coffee lovers and big time consumers, a much needed coffee at work was always challenging. The problem got accentuated specially when they wanted coffee for takeaway. It was always a tough choice to decide between the decision to carry a cup of coffee back to desk that would burn the hand/spill over or to stand on the street-side and gulp it as if it was their last cup of coffee, ever. They even tried hiring a runner who fetched their coffees but quickly realized that it was neither economical nor sustainable. All in all, frustrations grew and intent to resolve their coffee troubles became firmer. They started researching for solutions and realized nobody delivers coffee – not Bangalore, not anywhere in the world!

So, they started digging deeper. In a day & age where e-commerce has a solution from anything and everything starting from food to your dirty laundry it was almost baffling that nothing existed for coffee, which is the 2nd most consumed beverage after water.

Our mission is to bring the experience of coffee in the most convenient way possible – suited to your taste and delivered to your doorstep

Discussions with hundreds of coffee goers confirmed that the coffee vending machines at office were not the solution for a good cup of coffee either. They got convinced that there is a great unmet need that can be solved. That’s when DropKaffe was born!

They wanted a name that was catchy, memorable and speak clearly of what they are. As they deliver/drop the products to you and they are serving coffee as well as other cafe style food, the name DropKaffe was derived.


Current Standing
When asked about the current industry status, the founders informed us that the total dining out market is projected to be $78 billion by 2018. The QSR and Café market which they fall under is projected to be at $12.5 billion.

Our vision is to be the market leader in the online coffee delivery market.

Provided that they are the only only coffee and beverage delivery service in India, it looks like they are moving very well towards their vision. The company is currently bootstrapped. As per the founders, they want to create a coffee cult in India. All their online and offline marketing efforts are channelized in that direction.

Although DropKaffe offering sounds simple, a lot has to be done to get it right and delight the customers. They are investing in every aspect of the customer experience beginning with where they source tbe coffee (they have both domestic as well as international coffee varieties), how they make the coffee (they brew their own coffee with the help of experts) and the process of delivering it. Getting a great tasting hot cuppa delivered on time – consistently day after day is the trick. In their own words:

“We are obsessed about our customer delight. Enjoying a good cup of coffee suited to your taste at your convenience on the go is one of the simple pleasures of life. We want to deliver that and will go to whatever extent that’s needed. For example, we realized that you don’t get the typical coffee stoppers / stirrers in India. Even Starbucks imports them from China. We didn’t want to start our service till we have that figured out; so we imported them from the U.S. till the time we find a partner who could custom manufacture of these for us locally. We believe, DropKaffe is much more than just coffee!”

Facebook page:
Twitter: @dropkaffe
Number: +91 8197392392, +91 8197287287

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DropKaffe is a first of its kind Bangalore based online coffee shop that serves on-demand coffee, quick bites, and other beverages. Customers can place orders on the website by choosing the type of coffee/beverage/food adding the time & place of delivery. Services are currently available in Koramangala, HSR layout, Indiranagar, Domlur, Bellandur and BTM Layout.
Twitter: @dropkaffe
Phone: +91 8197392392, +91 8197287287

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Plug and Play Office Space in koramangala
Plug and Play Office Space in koramangala


Koramangala 5th Block


  • 20 seaters currently available
  • 1500sq ft
  • Wi fi, Pantry
  • Conference room.
  • Meeting and training rooms
  • Shared Cabins
  • Located in the heart of Koramangala
  • 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler parking availabale


Rs 5000 per seat

Phone: +91 96204 16725

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Germ IO is a tool that lets you turn abstract ideas into workable action plans. germ does this by helping you do four things:
  1. First, germ lets you capture your ideas as they come, in free-form text.
  2. Second, you get to break down and progressively add more details to your ideas as you go.
  3. Third, you can collaborate on each idea with your friends and team, brainstorm more ideas and get feedback on the thoughts you’ve already added.
  4. Finally, you can track the progress of each thought from “Ideation” to “Actionable” and “Completed”. You even get to assign actionable ideas to your team, set due dates and manage your entire flow of thought as a live project.
Thousands of users have worked through their startup ideas, marketing strategies and product management plans with

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Truck Suvidha Poster

Now a days Internet is not limited to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter but it has become a treasure trove of knowledge and education. It is now commonly used for advertisements, shopping, marketing and businesses. Gone are those days when internet was used only as a means of entertainment. Internet can now topple businesses with a single click. E-commerce sites have brought about a change in online business. People from different age groups are now being lured towards online shopping. A myth prevailing has now been taken care of, with more secure payment options providing the best possible services, you can now shop with utmost ease. Sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, Jabong etc. have brought about a change in the trend.

This fact is true not only for online shopping but for businesses as well. If you have a business you must have a site. With easy to afford site hosting options and a number of Indian companies offering to make a site at much competitive prices, now get your business online in a matter of hours. A change in the people’s mind-set has made entire industries switch to the option of working online due to a number of advantages with the basic being ease of use and simplicity.

With almost all businesses going online there is a certain requirement for the logistics industry. The customer had to face a lot of difficulties while transporting materials from one city to another. The entire process is being handled manually with the customer going from transporter to transporter to look for the best possible option available. Also the choice was limited to the capacity of the customer to work. The service providers had to wait for customers all day long to get some work.

The solution to this problem lies in a new venture namely is an emerging company whose main aim is to link logistics with E-commerce and they are moving forward with their aim. This site is for the needs of the transport industry. Get all your freight transport solutions under one roof. With a few clicks you can register as a customer, transporter or a service provider.

How it works

The customer can choose the city, date, material, weight and truck type as per their choice and book a vehicle for transport without having to talk to transporters directly. The transporter can list their entire catalog of vehicles available and the request of customers will directly reach the transporter. The service provider will get requests directly from the customer as well as the transporter without having to go anywhere. Apart from this the site provides a host of packages to choose from which keep you updated through various technologies.

With the ease of internet and portable devices available everywhere this might be the solution to all your transportation issues. TruckSuvidha is not just an online portal but it is the bigger picture portraying the advancement in technology and beliefs. The changing trend would prove beneficial for the entire transport industry.


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Pearson Affordable Learning Fund

We are excited to announce a series of education and entrepreneurship events taking place across India in April 2015

“We invite pioneering entrepreneurs, seasoned sector experts, and stakeholders from government, academia, and the public sector to join us for critical engagement in the role of the private sector in educating low-income learners.”

The Affordable Learning Summits have two key objectives:

  1. Offer innovative companies solving some of the most pressing education challenges faced by the global emerging economy with opportunities to build empowering relationships throughout the industry.
  2. Catalyzing education-focused entrepreneurship throughout India, while fostering and amplifying local thought leadership and engagement in the affordable learning sector.

The Affordable Learning Summits will be comprised of one Edtech Ideator event, an Edupreneurs Forum and an Investor Demo Day. All events are designed so expert education leaders, influential policymakers, and a variety of other prominent stakeholders can work with the trailblazers at the ground level – the ‘edupreneurs’.

The Summits series registration and application process will take place as follows:

  • Edtech Ideator: Bangalore, April 4th

All education, technology and business experts looking to make a difference in education are invited to participate in hands-on learning at its best, working through real problems faced by real startups. This is an exciting opportunity to validate innovative new ideas and amplify your presence in the growing affordable learning space. To register and learn more, click here.

8:30am – 7:30pm

Location: Bhive Coworking Space – No. 269, 18th D Main, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095 (Two roads behind Bethany High School)

  • Edupreneurs Forum & Investor Demo Day: Mumbai, April 7th; Delhi, April 11th

All innovative, early-stage companies offering creative solutions to education challenges throughout India are invited to participate in an intensive, one-day accelerator demo event. We will work through an expert-led curriculum featuring validated peer learning exercises supplemented by mentorship from local investors and accomplished stakeholders. In Mumbai, the day will conclude with an Education Summit pitch event in the evening (see below for more info), and in Delhi, the afternoon will focus on showcasing selected companies to local investors. To apply or learn more about each of these demo days, please click here.

9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: TBD

  •  Edupreneurs Forum Pitch Fest: Mumbai, April 7th (evening)

All interested individuals are invited to participate in an interactive evening featuring some of the most innovative education companies, speakers and stakeholders at the heart of affordable learning in India. The evening will begin with a pitch fest showcasing new business models delivered by talented Edupreneurs, followed by presentations, engagement and networking involving local thought leaders in the sector. Please join us by signing up and learning more here.

6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: TBD

To learn more, please follow this link. The agenda for Bengaluru Edition can be found here.

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It is always ghostly to go to work after an all-night without breakfast. This was what Udit and Taru experienced on most of the days. Both of them had a hectic schedule and they had to miss breakfast on many occasions. However, their love for food made them crave for some appetizing dishes. Soon, they realized that professionals in Bangalore face the same dilemma and there is a dearth of enterprises which deliver healthy, tasty food on short notice! Hence, Udit and Taru started Eatongo in order to combat the rampant breakfast woes of Bengaluru.

Eatongo’s mission is to make Bangaloreans eat healthy, palatable breakfast and brunch.

They both believe that a sumptuous breakfast/brunch not only helps to bolster energy, but it also makes one feel fresh and active. Udit, who previously worked with Del Monte and Global Green Company wanted to innovate food packaging and that certainly speaks for Eatongo’s eye for details when it comes to packing breakfast or brunch. Taru has a thing for Technology and that is a reason why Eatongo’s website offers multitude customizable food plans and delivery options to customers. Taru used to work for Capillary Technologies and Myntra before investing his full-time with EatOnGo.

EatOnGo Team
EatOnGo Team

A Mission to make Bangalore Eat Healthy

Eatongo’s mission is to make Bangaloreans eat healthy, palatable breakfast and brunch. As the name says, Eatongo provides quick delivery so that customers will never miss their meals. Eatongo has expert cooks which are guided and trained by Chef Gregory Lobo, to prepare toothsome, salubrious and fresh meals as soon as you place an order. As of now, Team Eatongo has eleven members and all of them are equally passionate about providing quick service for healthy food. Eatongo is active on most of the social media channels so that customers can easily get foodies updates and health related tips. Eatongo delivers across Indiranagar, CV Raman Nagar, Domlur, Kodihalli, Thippasandra and Jeevan Bheema Nagar, the Team is thriving to expand their delivery areas in Bangalore.

Road Ahead

Currently there are no direct competitors in the industry. There is only 1 company which is doing only breakfast and that also fixed single menu changing everyday. Eatongo provides a complete menu starting from Rs. 50 to Rs. 230, where customer can choose what he wants to eat.
“We want to become the biggest breakfast company of India. We will be opening multiple kitchens in Bangalore to cover South Bangalore, where the most of the corporate crowd resides” – says Taru when asked about their expansion plans.

You can catch Eatongo on Facebook, Twitter, yes, even on Instagram! they are also live on Zomato in case you would like to say something about them.

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Truck Suvidha Logo

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TruckSuvidha, startup in trucking and transportation space announced as the winner of Hot100 technology Award organized by CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence). CORE...